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Sync iPhone via CarPlay

How to Sync iPhone via CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay not just provides a unique infotainment experience, but a smart and safe way to use our iPhone in our cars. Apple’s main goal with creating CarPlay is to fully integrate an iOS experience…

By Rimzhim SharmaMarch 4, 2017How To, iOS
Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

How to Open Multiple Desktops in Windows 10?

‘Multiple desktops’ is one of the most talked about feature in Windows 10.  Using multiple virtual desktops on your Windows can be very handy. That’s why virtual desktops exist after all, to make you more…

By Rimzhim SharmaMarch 3, 2017How To, Windows
turn off filter keys and sticky keys

How to Turn off Filter Keys and Sticky Keys?

If you are a gamer, then filter keys and sticky keys are the real pain for you. Let us understand what are the filter keys and sticky keys and what they are meant for. It…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 3, 2017How To, Windows
Book a Cab from Google Maps

How to Book a Cab from Google Maps?

Google Maps is one of the best navigation app you can find for free. In the recent update of Google Maps, now you can find real time traffic on the selected route that helps you…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 2, 2017How To