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Adware and Browser Hijackers on Mac OS

How to Remove Adware and Browser Hijackers from Mac OS X?

Adware, browser hijackers and other potentially unwanted programs are following an upswing trend nowadays. They generate web traffic, collects sales leads for other shady sites, and display advertisements and sponsored links within your web browser.…

By Rimzhim SharmaMarch 9, 2017How To, Mac
Bluetooth Troubles in Windows

Bluetooth Troubles in Windows? Here’s Quick Fix!

If you’re facing any problems with the Bluetooth device in Windows 10/8, then this article will help you to troubleshoot the issue. Whether you’re unable to connect a Bluetooth device or maybe the connection just…

By Rimzhim SharmaMarch 8, 2017How To, Windows
Apple Airpods

Amazing Things to Known About Apple Airpods

Apple recently launched their wireless Air Pods and they’re worth the wait. There are so many amazing features in these Air Pods such as the innovative charging case that also makes it easy to carry…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 8, 2017How To, iOS
How to Compress File on Mac

How to Compress a File on Your Mac?

We always remember the name of WinZip when it comes down to compressing. But did you know that Mac has built-in file compression method known as Finder. It makes it easier to keep your hard…

By Rimzhim SharmaMarch 7, 2017How To, Mac