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Convert SlowMo Videos to Normal Videos

How to Convert Slow Motion Videos to Normal Videos on iPhone or iPad?

Shooting a video on iPhone is fun not just because of its amazing camera, but because of the features it has. You can shoot your videos in two different modes slow motion and time lapse.…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 15, 2017How To, iOS
Open file: Security warning Message

How to Disable “Open file: Security warning” Message in Windows?

Whenever we try to open an executable file format, a security message like this is displayed on our screen. The Open File – Security Warning prompt is a security measure in Windows 7 and Vista…

By Rimzhim SharmaMarch 13, 2017How To, Windows
Create & Manage Microsoft User accounts

How to Create & Manage All Your Microsoft User accounts? A Quick Guide for Windows 8/10

Whether one has privacy issues or not, we all need personal space especially when it’s the internet. In the same way, we need a user account to use our Windows as well-specially if you share…

By Rimzhim SharmaMarch 12, 2017How To, Windows
Add Hand Signatures To Documents

How to Add Hand Signatures To Documents And Email Them Using IPhone Or IPad?

You suddenly received an email from one of your clients in the middle of your work. And it is a document that needs to be signed and emailed immediately. What will you do in such…

By Deepak SaxenaMarch 11, 2017How To, iOS