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LIVE Photos-The new era of Photography

LIVE Photos-The new era of Photography

Not video Not GIF but something more special than that! Apple’s new innovation of LIVE photos has elevated the level of photography to a much advanced level. Our iPhone 6S and 6s plus (and higher)…

By Rimzhim SharmaSeptember 24, 2016iOS, Tech News

Learn How to Hide Your Photos Files and Folder in Your Windows PC

Agree or not but we all are pretty possessive about securing our private data. However, even if there is nothing that we need to be ashamed of, but we do have our privates stuff lying…

By Rimzhim SharmaSeptember 24, 2016How To, Windows

Tired of Deleting Duplicate Contacts on Your iPhone? Not Any More!

John John…Kevin. Smith Smith! Have you ever faced this redundancy while scrolling through your phone book? Manually searching the contacts tab on our iOS device is something that a large percentage of us would have…

By Rimzhim SharmaSeptember 23, 2016Tech Tips
google-chromecast-quick-guide The Phone Support

Google Chromecast – Quick Guide!

Ever felt an urge of displaying your mobile phone’s content onto your living room’s grand TV screen to have a big & better viewing experience? Love playing games on your phones? Imagine your favorite game…

By Rimzhim SharmaSeptember 23, 2016Tech Tips