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Control Your iPhone’s Privacy

How to use Guided Access on iPhone

Do you often hesitate when your kids ask for your iPhone to play games? You do resist before handing over the phone, being afraid that they might harm your personal data. Fortunately, we now don’t…

By Rimzhim SharmaOctober 2, 2016How To, iOS
How to Create Backups easily?

How to Create Your Important Photos, Videos, & Documents Backup easily?

A couple of days back my smartphone froze and failed to restart even after my various efforts to fix it. I even tried to hard reboot it which followed removing the battery and re inserting…

By Rimzhim SharmaOctober 1, 2016How To, Tech Tips

How to Enable Private Browsing Mode on Your iPhone?

Did you know, that each time you visit a page on safari web browser it gets recorded on your browsing history? There are many times when you are online shopping for your friend’s birthday gift…

By Rimzhim SharmaSeptember 30, 2016How To

How to Easily Manage Notifications on iPhone or iPad

Doesn’t it make you fuzzy when each and every application’s notification on your iPhone starts blinking and popping on your screen? Notifications give us a quick and easy access to important information about our day.…

By Rimzhim SharmaSeptember 29, 2016How To, iOS