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Trick to shut down Windows 7 PC without installing updates

Trick to shut down Windows 7 PC without installing updates

While working on a laptop or PC you get a lot of notifications of new updates. After completing your task, when you try to shut down your PC, you need to wait as it installs…

By Surbhi TotukaOctober 7, 2016How To, Windows
Phishing Beware

Is There Something ‘Phishy’ About Your Emails?

Do you keep getting mails informing you about an impossible amount that you’ve won? That too, for no good reason? Well then repeat this in your head “There are no free lunches in life”, especially…

By Deepak SaxenaOctober 7, 2016Tech News
How to add a printer on your home network in Windows

How to add a Printer on Your Home Network in Windows

Does setting up a printer seem like a complex task to you? Well, not anymore as this article covers a step by step illustration to ease down this process. So without waiting anymore, let’s start…

By Rimzhim SharmaOctober 7, 2016How To, Windows
How to extracts page from PDF

How To Extract pages From PDF

Managing and editing a PDF document is not as mainstream as Word. A lot of you probably find it difficult to grasp even the most basic functions of PDF files such as editing the text, changing…

By Surbhi TotukaOctober 6, 2016How To