How to Play DVD On Mac?

Playing a DVD on Mac sometimes becomes quite a task for users. As, after inserting the DVD into the DVD Drive, it will not start automatically so you need to make some changes to play…

By Surbhi TotukaDecember 15, 2016How To, Mac

How to Create and Delete User in Mac OS X

If multiple people use a computer or a Mac, then it’s always best to create separate user accounts. This helps in protecting privacy and managing documents. In this article we will discuss how to create…

By TPSNovember 11, 2016How To, Mac

How to Restart Mac in Safe Mode?

There are times when even Apple devices require some extra special treatment. Sometimes our Mac just doesn’t start due to a misbehaving application. It could also be outdated cache or some other issue that causes…

By Rimzhim SharmaNovember 7, 2016How To, Mac