How to Configure VPN in iPhone or iPad?

Curious to know how you can configure VPN on your iPhone or iPad? Well, today all the latest iPhones and iPads have excellent support VPN service and can be easily configured. Therefore, in this article…

By TPSNovember 16, 2016How To, iOS

How to Boost Your Laptop Battery Life?

Laptops are used by a lot of people today and facilitate several tasks such as emails, documentations, presentations anywhere you go. However, doing all these tasks can also drain your laptop’s battery quicker than you…

By TPSNovember 13, 2016How To, Tech Tips

Adobe Flash Not Working in Internet Explorer

You might encounter a scenario when trying to watch your favorite videos online. The flash player works perfect with Firefox and Chrome browsers, but often creates various issues when using the old internet explorer.  We…

By TPSNovember 11, 2016Tech Tips

How to Create and Delete User in Mac OS X

If multiple people use a computer or a Mac, then it’s always best to create separate user accounts. This helps in protecting privacy and managing documents. In this article we will discuss how to create…

By TPSNovember 11, 2016How To, Mac