5 Simple Tricks to Use if You are Unable to Download Files from Firefox!

By Deepak Saxena April 2, 2017 Browsers, Tech Tips

There are a couple of times when you are unable to download a particular file from Firefox, it can be a media file or mail attachment anything.

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Here are a few hacks that you might want to try before restoring your browser:

Method 1: Clear the Download History

Clearing the download history can fix some problems with downloading files:

1. Click the Downloads button and then click Show all downloads top open the downloads Window.


2. Click on Clear Downloads.


3. Close the downloads Window.

Method 2: Choose a Separate Download Folder

1. Click the menu button and choose options.


2. Select general tab and click on “Save files to” from the downloads section.

3. To change the download location, click on Browse to specify the path.


4. Close thewindow to save your changes.

Method 3: Change File Settings

If the above two methods didn’t work out well then changing the file settings might help. To reset how all file types are handled by Firefox back to default:

1. Click the menu, click helpand select Troubleshooting Information.


2. Under the Applications Basic section click on Show folder.


3. Delete or rename the rdffile.

4. Close the Window and Restart Firefox.

Method 4: Reset Download Folder

If you have tried the above suggestions, you can restore the default Firefox download folder settings:

1. In theaddress bar, type about:config and hit enter.


2. A warning message will pop up, click on “I accept the risk” and proceed further.

3. In the Search field, enter browser.download.


4. If any of the following settings have a status ofuser set, reset their values. To reset a value, right-click the setting and select Reset from the context menu:

    • browser.download.dir
    • browser.download.downloadDir
    • browser.download.folderList
    • browser.download.lastDir
    • browser.download.useDownloadDir


5. If desired, you can revert back to your preferred download folder settings by changing your Firefox settings.

Method 5: Remove Plugins

On Windows, third-party download manager plugins can interfere with Firefox downloads. Download Manager plugin files that get added to the Firefox plugins folder include the following, listed by the download manager program and the associated plugin filename:

  • GetRight:dll
  • WinGet:dll
  • Download Accelerator Plus:dll
  • FreshDownload:dll
  • Net Transport:dllNPNXCatcher(Audio).dll, and NPNXCatcher(Video).dll

You can access the plugin folder via this location: C drive>Program files>Mozilla Firefox>Plugins.

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So friends, we hope that the above listed methods helped you in fixing the issue. In case you wish to have any further clarification regarding the same then feel free to call us on our toll free number 866-767-6710 (US, Canada) so that our tech experts can take care of the rest.



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