WhatsApp will Soon Let You Locate Your Friends!

By Deepak Saxena March 23, 2017 How To, Tech News

From a long time, Whatsapp has changed the way we send messages and how we communicate with people. It has become one stop solution for all our communicating needs. We can share files, photos, make video calls, update status messages and can send voice messages. But that’s not enough as WhatsApp is loaded with various other features along with the ones in pipeline. There are some more amazing features which are supposed to be in the pipe line. Introducing these features will again be a big enhancement in it, so let us find out more about these features.

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  1. In the upcoming versions of Whatsapp, it may include a feature of real-time location sharing. The new feature is called “Live Location Tracking” in the beta software, and is currently found Whatsapp for Android ver. 1.16.399 and Whatsapp for iOS ver. At present, it allows a user to turn on live location tracking for a period of time they control. The app offers one, two and five minute options. During this time, selected recipients would be able to follow your exact location in the app.

You can also choose, “Enabled Indefinitely,” to keep the location sharing turned on till the time you manually turn it off.

The feature will be very useful for times when you’re trying to meetup up with a friend, or a group of friends, in a crowded location. Or, it could be used among family members to locate each other. There are lots of privacy concerns in this feature but Whatsapp is working to design this feature in a way that it will not compromise your privacy.


  1. Another amazing feature which you may find in the upcoming updates of Whatsapp is to delete sent message which are unread. Feature to delete sent messages is already include by some messaging apps such as telegram. Sometimes it happens that some messages get forwarded accidentally to someone or sometimes we realize that we should not write what we have written. So now with upcoming updates on Whatsapp you will be able to delete your sent messages until they are not read by the receiver.


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With these amazing features Whatsapp going to keep to rule your smartphone. The company keeps researching and adding new features to retain Whatsapp as a No.1 messaging app for smartphones. Hope you found it interesting to know about these upcoming features of Whatsapp and if you have any tech related issue you can give us a call on our toll-free number which is (855) 765-6710.



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