Use MacBook Touch Bar to Play These Amazing games

By Deepak Saxena March 27, 2017 How To, Mac

On MacBook pro apple, has introduced touch bar to enhance productivity and making MacBook easy to use. Touch bar can be used for many things such as quickly adding emoticons and quick navigation. Apart from this there is one more interesting use of MacBook touch bar that is to play games. Yes, there are some amazing games that you can play with your Mac book touch bar and here’s the list.

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1. Pac-Bar Pac bar is free to download However it sounds very easy to run Pac-Man on a single line and a single Ghost chasing it but it is not that easy and plays a little faster than the original Pac Man. You can use tunnels to escape. You can enjoy this amazing game using arrow keys on your Keyboard.


2. Touch Bar Piano: If you are a music lover then you can add a compact digital piano to your touch bar. This piano includes 128 instruments to pick from. Now you can make your own music with this compact piano on your Mac book touch bar.


3. TouchBar Pong: A traditional game which you may love to play from your childhood is now available for Mac book touch bar. Game will be displayed on the screen of your Mac but you can use the touch bar as controller.


4. TouchBar Dino: you might have played this game when internet was down and you have used google chrome. It is about a dinosaur running through the desert. You can get this game for your touch bar and can play it on touch bar only.


5. Nyancat: It is technically not a game, Nyancat is a cat running through space and leaving a rainbow trail behind. So, the cat will run through your touch bar and will play its theme song. If you are crazy about Nyancat you can get it free for your touch bar. Nyancat became popular over the internet so its developerVatsaev Aslan decided to make this app for Macbook users which perfectly fits the touch bar.


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So, these amazing games will help you to make your Mac book pro more entertaining and they hardly occupy any space on the hard disk. At The Phone Support blog we make it sure that our readers learn all the hidden tips and tricks of their devices and if you face any issues with your Laptops, Computers and Smartphones you can always give us a call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.



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