No Data, No Problem: Use Google Maps Offline

By Deepak Saxena March 26, 2017 Tech Tips

For expert navigation, we all depend on the GPS in our phones. And when it comes to the location services Google Maps is the name which is well known to all of us. Over time, Google has added many features to its location services and features such as real time traffic tracking to find the shortest route and book taxi online via google maps.

Here is How to Book a Cab from Google Maps?

By default this location service is dependent on internet. What if you are going to an area where you know that you will not have an internet connectivity? Do not worry you will not lose your way you can download offline Map for an area you are going to. Yes, Google allows you to download an area and you can use it offline.

Google Maps Offline for Android Devices

1. Open Google Maps while connected to internet and search for the location you want to have an offline map.

2. Once you’ve found the location/area you want, save it for later by going to the options menu and by tapping the three lines icon then tapping Offline areas.


3. Next, tap the add symbol in the bottom right of the screen a message will be prompted that says “download this area?”

4. Drag the area inside the square box until it encompasses the map you want. You can use pinch zoom to include and exclude area

5. Once you are happy with the selection you have made. Tap download button next you have to give this offline location a name.


6. Now you have downloaded an offline location. You can use it whenever it is required by taping Offline areas, if you will go the area which you have downloaded your device will keep showing you the directions.

Google Maps Offline for iOS Devices

1. Process is almost same for iOS devices you need to open google Maps and search for the place you want to have offline location.


2. Google will find the location. Now tap on the location name given at the bottom of map.


3. You will see three options Save, Share and Download. Tap on download and you will see the same Square to select the area.


4. After cropping the area into the square click download. Your Map will be downloaded.

5. Now When you will go to the location and your internet connection is offline you will get directions from the offline Map.

For both android and iOS downloaded map expires in 30 days. Within this time period you will be notify if there is an update released for the downloaded MAP. In offline maps, you will not be able to see the details of real time traffic. If you are downloading Map of a large area you need to spend a huge amount of data and on iPhone if you want to download offline Map through mobile data you need to change the setting manually.

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So now with google Maps you will never lose your Way no matter if you are connected to the internet or not. At the phone support blog we make it sure that our customer use there device at the best and if you still have any tech related issue then you can call our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.



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