How to Turn off Filter Keys and Sticky Keys?

By Deepak Saxena March 3, 2017 How To, Windows

If you are a gamer, then filter keys and sticky keys are the real pain for you. Let us understand what are the filter keys and sticky keys and what they are meant for. It is a feature of windows when some specific keys are pressed with a certain pattern it takes it as a command itself. For example:

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1. If you will press shift key continuously for 5 times you will see a notification to turn on sticky keys.


2. If you will press and hold sift key for 8 seconds, then you will see a notification to turn on filter keys


So if you are a gamer and in your game shift key is assigned to any of the movements in your game then you will keep getting these messages in between and it may happen that because of these messages you may lose the match. So here is how you can disable these sticky keys and filter keys to improve gaming experience on your computer.

a. Go to control panel and then ease of access center.


b. In ease of access you will find Ease of Access center>Make the keyboard easier to use.


c. Here you will find and option to set up sticky keys and filter keys.

3. First of all, lets go to set up sticky keys.


Here you have to uncheck turn on sticky key when shift is pressed 5 times. Then click Apply and Ok options given in the bottom of screen.


After clicking ok, you will be back to the previous screen from here now let us set up filter keys.

We just need to repeat the same process with filter keys just need to go to set up filter keys and then we need to uncheck Turn on filter keys when right sift is pressed for 8 seconds. Then click Apply and Ok.

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After this close the control panel and now you can check by pressing shift key none of the filter or sticky key notifications will be available. Now you will be able to enjoy your game without getting interrupted. If you face any issue in following these steps or if you are having any other tech related issues you can call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.





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