How to Set Auto Reply for Your Email on Yahoo Mail?

By Deepak Saxena March 7, 2017 How To

Are you going out for a vacation? What about your business contacts who will send your emails? Obviously you can manage your emails from your handy smartphones. But that doesn’t mean that you should be always busy with your smartphone checking your emails. There is another smart way to manage your emails professionally without getting stuck with your devices. You can set auto replies to your emails and whenever you will get an email in your inbox you the sender will get a pre-loaded reply automatically. In this article you will find steps to set an auto response for yahoo mail account.

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1. Click on the settings icon given at the top right of the home screen of your yahoo mail and then go to settings (Second option from top).


2. Next you will see Vacation response fourth option from the top. After clicking on this option you will have to Enable automatic response.


3. Next you can choose a date range during which an auto response email will be sent.


4. After choosing start date and end date Proceed further to write a message. In your message you can specify that how you can be contacted in case of any emergency.

5. Your auto response will be sent as a reply to all the emails you will get. Next if you want to send a different auto response to some companies you need to specify a domain name to which a different auto response will be sent. For example, you do business with a company called “MY company” and you want to send auto response to all the emails you get from this company then you can type “” or whichever is domain in the email addresses of that particular company.

The best part about yahoo mail auto response is that you can set two different companies to which this different message will be sent. However, if you just want to send a different auto response to one company then you can put 0 in “second domain name”


6. After setting up message and domains you can send a sample copy to yourself. This will help you to preview your message which will be sent as auto response.

7. Finally click on save to save these settings and you are all done. Now an auto response will be sent to your emails between selected dates to the chosen domains.

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This is how you can send professional auto response to your business emails and crazy auto replies to other emails. Now you can enjoy your vacations without being worried about missing an important email. If you face any issue in following these steps or if you have any other tech related issue, we are just a call away. You can call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.





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