How to Save Your Live Instagram Videos on iPhone?

By Deepak Saxena March 31, 2017 How To

With the advancement in social media many platforms have rolled out the feature to get live. Which is amazing as we don’t need to first save the recorded video and upload it later. Instead, videos are uploaded as soon as you capture them with your phone. Recently, the widely used social media platform Instagram has introduced a feature in its recent update to save your live video. It means you do not need an internet connection to watch your own videos. Earlier the feature was not there and all your live videos would disappear completely as soon as you finished watching them. So here is how you can save your Instagram live video to your gallery on an iPhone.

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1. Start a live video as normal by taping on the camera icon given at the top.


2. Next choose Live from the options.


3. Now tap on “Start live Video” to start a live Video. After a couple of seconds’ live video will be started.


4. You will see a screen like this when you are live on Instagram. Tap on End button when you want to end your live video.


5. Once you have chosen to End Live Video. You will see an option to download it at the top right corner.


6. Simply click on it and your live video will be saved on your device in camera roll.

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Thus you can save all you Instagram videos on your device and share it again by uploading it anywhere you want. Please note that video will only be saved on your device and still disappear from the Instagram. If you face any issue in following the given steps or if you have any other tech related issues you can give us a call on our toll-free number which is (855) 765-6710.



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