How to Repair Microsoft Office and Uninstall Individual Programs?

By Rimzhim Sharma March 21, 2017 How To, Windows

Did your Microsoft Office installation just get corrupted? Are your Office programs not working properly? In this case, rather than going for the whole uninstall – reinstall process all over again, you might want to try out the repair option first.

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Here are the steps which you need to follow-

  1. We can repair Office 2010 using the Programs and Features tool in the Control Panel. To do this, click Control Panel on the Start menu.


  1. The Programs and Features link is easier to find in the Control Panel if we choose to display all the tools and not the categories. Select Large icons or Small icons from the View by drop-down list.


  1. Click the Programs and Features link.


  1. Find our version of Microsoft Office 2010 in the list of programs installed on our computer. Right-click on the name and select Change.


  1. A dialog box displays allowing us to change our installation of Microsoft Office 2010. We can Add or Remove Features, Repair the installation, Remove Office 2010, or Enter a Product Key. Select Repair and click Continue.


  1. The progress of the repair, or the Configuration Progress, displays. This may take a while.


  1. When the configuration is complete, click Close.


  1. The final screen of the configuration process recommends that we exit and restart any open Office programs. However, we may need to reboot our computer. If we, the following dialog box displays, and we still have some programs open, click No and proceed to close all open programs. Then, reboot our computer manually.


If we do not have any programs open, we may click Yes to reboot our computer immediately.

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How to Install Individual Programs on MS Office?

•    Start the installation of the Office 2010 suite.
•    In the Choose the installation you want dialog box, click Customize.
•    On the Installation Options tab, right click the program(s) that we do not want installed.
•    Click Install now to complete the custom installation.

Hope the above steps will fix the issue. In case you need assistance regarding any of the above-mentioned points then give us a call on our toll-free number 855-765-6710 (US, Canada).







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