How to Force Cortana to Use Google Instead of Bing?

By Rimzhim Sharma March 27, 2017 How To, Windows

Windows 10’s personal assistant, Cortana is quite useful. In fact, it is one of the remarkable feature that rolled out with Windows 10 anniversary update. But unfortunately, it comes with one minor flaw.  All the search results go through Microsoft’s search engine Bing instead of Google. And similarly, the default web browser of Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome. This is disheartening for users—especially for those who are a die hard fan of Google’s interface.

By using a Google Chrome extension named as Chrometana, you can force Cortana to use Google instead of Bing.

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Here’s how to do that!

Part 1: Set Google as Your Default Web Browser

You can change your default web browser by following these steps:

1. Open the Settings menu.

2. Go to System > Default apps.

3. Under Web browser, click on the browser that’s currently set as your default app and choose Google Chrome from the pop-up menu.


Note:  If you don’t see Google Chrome as an option, you should probably download it and install it on your PC.

Part 2: Install Chrometana


Once you’re through with the first part, launch Google Chrome and install the Chrome extension Chrometana. To install Chrometana click here.

Now select “Add to chrome” option.


Once the extension is successfully added to Chrome, you’ll see a page asking you to pick your preferred search engine. Pick the search engine (say Google) that you want to use.

Just to Recheck

Open Cortana and search for anything — all Web results will go through the search engine you just chose in Chrometana.

In future, if you want to perform search with Bing, you’ll need to disable this extension.

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