Gmail Now Allows You to Receive Emails with 50MB Attachments

By Deepak Saxena March 16, 2017 Tech News

While receiving emails we often refrain from sending large sized attachments as even digital photographs can be bulky and will take time to upload. Keeping this in mind one of the largest email service provider company Gmail has increased the size of attachments you can receive. Previously, size of the attachments you could send or receive was limited to 25 MB. But now that limit. With this big news, there is an important thing to note.

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You will only be able to receive 50 MB email but will not be able to send an email of this size. You can still send emails up to 25 MB and if you want to attach a file of larger size you can use google drive which is an effective method to send large files from Gmail.


Gmail’s new feature to accept 50MB attachments does sound exciting but Google’s short announcement doesn’t address a lot of questions at the moment. How will anyone will receive a file as big as 50MB because majority of users cannot actually send that big an attachment? Will a user be able to forward these 50MB emails, if not then do they need to send a fresh email?

Despite this, just a few weeks ago, Google also rolled out a new update that prohibits users from attaching JavaScript files into their mails. Since the update, Gmail now blocks all the .js files from being attached and sent over email. Although, to send or share .js files, users can still upload them on Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage or other storage solutions.


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So, Gmail 50 MB email receiving feature sounds amazing, but these were some facts you still need to know about this update. Please share your feedback and queries in comments. For tech related issues you can also give us a call on our toll-free number (855) 765-6710.



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