Apple Watch Tips and Tricks You Must Know

By Deepak Saxena March 10, 2017 How To

With advancing technology, pocket watches have been replaced by wrist watches and now wrist watches are being replaced by smart watches. Today, you can find a smartwatch that enables you to do various smartphone/device tasks from the watch itself. These smartwatches can be connected to your devices over a wireless connection and you can enjoy operating your smartphone from your wrist. Apple has also introduced a smart watch, called the Apple watch (Full points for name creativity). So, if you own an Apple watch, here are some tips and tricks you should know about.

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Manually turn on Power Reserve Mode:Saving battery life for any gadget is something we always look for. So in the apple watch, you can also manually enable power saver mode by accessing “Power Reserve Mode”


Choose glances wisely: Glances are simply push notifications so more applications you will have in glances more your watch become slow. Here you have to choose wisely for the applications you are going to add in glances.


Choose the best layout: With your apple watch you can choose different layout but to enjoy the best productivity the best layout is tidy layout. However, it takes time to arrange apps in this layout but it is a onetime task and makes use of your apple watch much easier for you.


Pair a blue tooth device to enjoy wireless music: The best way to enjoy music on you Apple Watch is to pair a Bluetooth headset to it. By doing this you will not need to use your phone very often and saves on battery life as well. To manage which device you play music from swipe up the Settings glance and tap the AirPlay button in the lower right corner. Now go to the Music app, scroll down to the main list in order to choose your music source like iPhone or Apple Watch. This helps in saving battery on both iPhone and apple watch.


Make your screen visible better to you: Because it is a watch and it is having a small screen you may face visibility issue and realize the need to make it better sometimes the best part about apple watch is that you can increase the font size and you can also make it bold if required these features are also available on our iPhone but we hardly use them.  In accessibility settings of your apple watch you can change brightness text size and can turn on Bold.


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These features make apple watch one of the best smartwatches available in the market. It is really easy to use and a must have gadget. For all your technical issues related to your computers, Smartphones and tablets you can give us a call on out toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.



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