Amazing Things to Known About Apple Airpods

By Deepak Saxena March 8, 2017 How To, iOS

Apple recently launched their wireless Air Pods and they’re worth the wait. There are so many amazing features in these Air Pods such as the innovative charging case that also makes it easy to carry and store them. If you’re not that well versed with the various features in Air Pods, here’s a list that’ll explain them in detail.

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1. You can pair your Air Pods with a non-Apple device. Yes, you can pair Air Pods with non-Apple devices. To pair Air Pods to a non-Apple device put both the Air Pods in the case. Now press and hold flash button given on the back side of case. Hold it till you find led light blinking. Now you will find Bluetooth pairing for Air Pods on your device. Please note that when you have paired with a non-Apple product, Air Pods will only play audio. Taking an Air Pod out of your ear won’t pause music, and double-tapping will also not work.

2. Want your Air Pod batteries to last long? Air pod battery life is enough for a single day, but if you make lots of phone calls, you might find them running low. One Air Pod can work on its own as a Bluetooth headset so if you just want to use Air Pods to take calls like a Bluetooth headset you can use one at a time.

3. Check battery percentage of Air Pods on iPhone: There are couple of options to check battery status of your Air Pods and the charging case. You can open the charging case next to your iPhone, it will prompt your phone to display a popup with battery status. you can also add the battery widget to Notification Center. Remember, the Battery widget will only include Air Pods if you are frequently using them. You will find remaining battery of each air pod individually and the case.


4. To change name of your Air pod: There is no dedicated application for Air Pods you can simply go to settings>Bluetooth. Tap on your Air pod’s name and then you will find an option to change the name.


5. You can change double tap actions: With your Air Pods you can double tap for Siri. If you want, you can change double tap to Play/Pause or you can completely disable it. To do this go to the settings and Bluetooth and right where you have changed device name you will find and option to change double tap actions.


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Apart from this you can also check battery percentage of your Air Pods using your Apple watch. If you are sharing one Air pod with your buddy you both will able to listen music but in the case of calls only one Microphone will work at a time. A Call can be listened on both the Air Pods but at a time only one person will be able to speak. So this was all you should know about your Air Pods. If you have any other tech related issued you can give us a call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710. We will be happy to help you.



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