A Quick Guide to The Latest Update of WhatsApp

By Deepak Saxena March 10, 2017 How To

WhatsApp is a broadly used online messaging app that has recently rolled out latest update version 2.17.5. In this update, WhatsApp has brought some great changes to the app. Such as the re-invented status feature with many others. Here is a quick guide to the latest WhatsApp features that would help you get well-versed with the re-designed app.

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1. How to find your WhatsApp contacts: Earlier there was a button for WhatsApp contacts in the application but now no button is there for the contacts so everyone is wondering that how can they find there WhatsApp contacts. Actually WhatsApp has made it a little simple now when you will tap on the compose button you will find your WhatsApp contacts.


2. How to create your status using new status feature: Now you will find a Separate button for status on the home screen of WhatsApp. To update a status, you can tap on it and then tap on my status to add a photo video or Gif. If you still want to update a text status message you can add a text on these pictures, Videos and animations. Your status will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.


3. How to customize privacy for your status messages: On the top of the button to add a new status there is an another button “Privacy” you can tap on it to customize privacy of your status messages. You will get 3 options to choose from. My Contacts which is the default one every status which you will update can be viewed by the people in your contacts. The next option is to share your status with your contacts except you can use this option in the situation when you do not want to share your status with an individual or a group. and the third option is to share the status with specific contacts.


4. How to check who has viewed your status: To find out how many people have viewed your status update you can tap on your status and then eye icon given at the bottom. Near this eye icon you will see a number and when you will tap on it you will get to know how many people has viewed your status. If someone replies on your status you will get it in your chats and it will be visible to you only.


5. How to view status of your friends: When you will open the WhatsApp on your device you will see a notification symbol on the Status. This symbol means that you have some un opened statues messages. When you will tap on “Status” you will find “Recent updates” Statuses listed under this are the ones which you have not viewed. Another list is of Viewed updates. To reply a status message there is a reply button given at the bottom of status.


6. Other new features: Apart from this now there is a dedicated camera button on the bottom strip you can directly send your clicks to your contacts or you can set them as your status. If you love to share pictures and videos from the gallery itself then now whenever you will tap to share on WhatsApp, you find an option to share them as your status.

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We hope this quick guide will help to make daily use of WhatsApp easier for you. If you have any other tech related query you can always call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710. You can also write us on support@thephonesupport.com. We will be happy to help you.



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