What are Drones and What are They Used For?

By Deepak Saxena February 3, 2017 Tech News

You have often seen people flying a kite or playing with a flying toy, controlling it with a remote control. However, this seemingly primitive tech has now turned into remote controlled ‘flying drones’.

Let us understand what exactly a drone is. After years of research scientists have finally come up with remote controlled drones, which can fly without a human inside and can be controlled with a remote. In comparison to toys a drone can fly high, the range of drones are very high they can be controlled from a long distance.

These flying robots are now being used in different areas to make our life simpler. Let us throw some light on the applications on drones in different areas.

1. In photography or telecast: Many photographers are using drones in wedding photography to get better pictures with the help of cameras attached in a flying drone. If you are a sports lover, then you might have seen a drone flying over the stadium that is also a camera and the purpose is to bring you the best and close telecast of the Match. Some drones come with a mobile stand and you can fix your mobile phone and can click photos with the help of remote.


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2. Security, search and rescue: Drones are now being used for the purpose of security when a place is suspected to be dangerous security officers send a drone with a camera to get an idea and to formulate a strategy. Similar in case of a natural disasters or emergency rescue teams are using drones to take a look of situation. Army of some countries use drones to carry food and other light weight article to their troops when they are in the war field.


3. In agriculture: Farmers are also using drones to spray pesticides on their fields earlier a small aircraft was used for this purpose which was comparatively much expensive. So this the cheapest and simplest way for the farmers to spray pesticides in their fields.


4. In traffic predictions and transportation: If you found a traffic Jam on the road and confused to take the same way or to change a way a drone can help you. With the help of a drone you will be able to see the real situation of traffic on the road. A drone can also help railways to inspect the track from a room.


5. Drone racing the future of racing: you might have seen F1 racing bike racing and many kind of racing but in future you may see drone racing where there will be no risk on life some gaming parlors has already introduced drone racing where you can wear VR glasses and can watch through the cameras of drone.


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So we have seen that these flying intelligent robots are covering almost every aspect of our life very soon we will get drones in market for home use and they will also help us in our household work by carrying things and many other ways.

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