How to Use Family Sharing Option on iCloud?

By Deepak Saxena February 23, 2017 How To, iCloud

Family sharing is a feature of iCloud that allows you to share your purchased apps music and books with your family members. If your family members also have iPhone they do not need to buy the same stuff again from Apple. It is really amazing and saves you a lot of money. Before getting started with family sharing you should be aware of following facts.

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1. You can add up to Six family members on family sharing.

2. All the devices must be running on iOS 8 or above.

3. Once you have added family members to family sharing purchases made will be charged from the family organizer’s account details.

4. Every family member will be able to see downloads of other and will be able to download them on demand.

Now let us find out how you can start using family sharing option on iCloud:

1. Launch settings from the home screen of your iPhone.


2. Go to iCloud.


3. Tap set up family sharing and then tap on get started


4. Next sign in with your apple id and password and agree to terms and conditions in order to continue.

5. Tap continue to confirm your payment method. If you do not have any payment method added to your apple account previously then you have to set it up now.

6. By taping on next you are agreeing to pay for all the purchases made by your family.

7. Now choose whether you would like to share your location with your family or not.

8. Now you have become a family organizer. To add family members, tap of “Add Family Member”

9. Start typing their name and tap on them when they appear.

10. Next you may be asked to verify card details already saved on your apple id. Once you are done with that. You have done with setting family member to your account.

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That’s it, you can keep added members and you will be notified each time you add a member to your group. Another thing that we need to remember is when family sharing groups are restricted to 2 per year.

We hope you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite videos, Music and books with your family using family sharing. If you have any other tech related issues you can always contact us on our toll free number (855) 765-6710. You can also write us on



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