How to Use ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode on Your iPhone?

By Deepak Saxena February 15, 2017 How To, iOS

Do you work in flexible shifts and have to switch your phone off to get proper sleep? To avoid this, you often put your phone on silent mode but it is not always a good idea because if someone calls you in case of an emergency you may miss the call. Luckily iPhones are having do not disturb mode which intelligently manages which calls should reach and which should not. It automatically puts your phone on do not disturb mode on a scheduled time. So let us find out how can you use Do not disturb mode on your iPhone.

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1. Go to Settings on your iPhone from the home screen.


2. Now go to Do not disturb


3. When you will open do not disturb you will find these options.


You can choose to start do not disturb mode manually for this you have to remember to turn it on before you are going to sleep. Once it is turned on and someone will call you nothing will happen to your phone but you will be able to see missed calls later. If you will turn on Scheduled option, you need to set a time schedule to get do not disturbed mode turned on.

4. Allowing calls from Favorites: There are some people in everyone’s life for whom we always need to be available. So if you do not want to miss calls from some specific numbers you can add them to favorites on your contacts and your phone will ring if you will receive a call from these numbers. If you do not want to receive a call even from favorites, then you can choose no one to call you.

5. Repeated calls: If you will keep Repeated calls feature turned on then your phone will ring if you are repeatedly getting a second call from the same number within three minutes. So if someone want to reach you for something urgent then you will be able to answer their call.

6. Silence -always or while iPhone is locked: If you will choose always option. You will not get any notifications even if you are working on your phone so if you are working on something important on your iPhone and you do not want anyone to disturb you can choose this option. If you just want to use Do not disturb mode, just because you are taking rest so you can choose “Only while phone is locked”

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So this is how you can have a nice sleep without worrying about missing an urgent call. If you are facing any other tech related issue, we will be happy to help you in troubleshooting them. You can just give us a call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710. Alternatively, you can also write to us on



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