How to Unfreeze Mac Book Touch Bar?

By Deepak Saxena February 28, 2017 How To, Mac

Touch bar has been introduced by Apple in the new Mac Book. It really makes things simpler and faster. You can use touch bar for so many things such as for predictive text input, inserting emoji, quick mead controllers etc. and you will really find it amazing. You can also use this touch bar on any Mac device.

Here is How You can Get a Virtual Touch Bar on Your Mac?

Nevertheless, there might come a time when your Touch bar freezes and completely stops responding. But do not worry as we will explain what can be done if your Mac book touch bar is not responding.

1. Try Force Quit first of all: Before proceeding for any other way always look for any non-responsive application. A non-responsive application may responsible for freezing the touch bar. To Force Quit an application, click theApple button in the upper-left corner and then choose Force Quit. From the Force Quit window, find the app that is non responsive and now click the Force Quit.


2. Use Activity Monitor to Refresh the Touch: Launch activity monitor by going to Applications and then Utilities and then Activity monitor. Now search for Touch Bar agent and then clickX button in the upper-left corner and click Quit.


3. Refresh touch bar using terminal: Touch bar can also be refreshed using terminal command. Open command terminal on your Mac and type the command pKill “Touch Bar agent” and hit

4. Refresh only the control strip: The Control Strip is on the rightmost portion of the Touch Bar it features buttons for screen brightness, volume and Siri. If it becomes stuck or there is a blank space where a button should be, you can use a Terminal command to refresh specifically this portion of the Touch Bar. Launch Terminal and enter the command killall ControlStrip and hit Return.

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So these were the four methods by to un freeze your touch bar. If you still face any issue with the touch bar, then restarting your Mac book will be the last resort. If you are looking for the solution of some other tech related issues. You can give us a call on our toll free number (855) 765-6710.




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