How to Track Your Lost Apple Airpods?

By Deepak Saxena February 16, 2017 How To, iOS

Apple’s ‘wire-free’ AirPods are really cool and easily fits in your pocket. Their compact size makes them look great and at the same time risk of losing them or forgetting them somewhere is also there. AirPods are an amazing accessory and you should not stop yourself from buying just because you fear losing them. So Apple in its recent updates added an option to “find my AirPods”. The feature will be included in iOS 10.3. Currently you can enjoy the feature on iOS 10.3 beta update. To get beta version of iOS 10.3 you will need to install beta profile. On the given link you will find that how can you install beta profile of on you iPhone to enjoy beta version of iOS updates.


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Before proceeding further to know how can you find your lost AirPods you should know following facts.

1. You can only find AirPods when they are not in charging case.

2. AirPods must be in the range of Bluetooth in order to current location and sound feature to work.

3. If you iOS device is not within the range of AirPods find my AirPods will show the last location.

4. You can even track if you have lost only one of your AirPods.


Now let us find out how can you find your lost AirPods on iOS 10.3 beta.

1. Open find my iPhone app from the home screen. Your AirPods devices will be shown under the list devices linked to your iCloud account.

2. Tap on AirPods and it will show you the last known location or current location of your AirPods on the Map.


3. At the bottom of the screen you will find button to play sound button. When you will tap on it sound will start playing on the AirPods which progressively gets louder.

4. If you have lost only one of your AirPods you can mute one of them.

5. After you have found your lost AirPods you can stop playing the sound.

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So this is the another feature of Apple AirPods which make them a perfect and a must have accessory. If you still face any issue in following these steps or if you are having any other tech related issue you can give us a call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710. You can also write us on






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