How to Stream Your Mac’s Audio via AirPlay?

By Rimzhim Sharma February 14, 2017 How To, Mac

With the launch of Mountain Lion OS X in 2012, Apple introduced us to AirPlay. A lot of us are not familiar about this, but Airplay is one magical technology by Apple that allows wireless audio and video streaming by letting users play their digital music on speakers throughout the house, or view their iPad or MacBook display on the family’s big screen TV.

But what about your Mac’s audio? Can we use an AirPlay enabled speaker system to simply beam the music from your Mac? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Apple can only disappoint us in rare circumstances.

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So, here’s how we can stream our Mac’s audio via Airplay. Just follow these quick simple steps:

1. Firstly, change the default audio output for your Mac. Navigate to System Preferences > Sound section. Now click on “Output”, and select the appropriate speaker from the list provided.


2. Alternatively, press and hold the Option key and click on the speaker icon in the menu bar. From the drop-down menu, select the speaker of your choice.


3. To change the output back to your Mac, follow the same steps as above, except this time choose “Internal Speakers” as your output.

A final NOTE: AirPlay speakers will only appear as valid audio device when they’re connected on the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac. Therefore, if you’re having trouble, make sure that every AirPlay device is properly connected to the correct network before you plan to panic.

Also please make sure that you have a mid-2011 Mac or a newer model, and be running OS X Mountain Lion or higher.

Airplay can be a really convenient feature where you’re throwing a house party and when your playlist is ready in Mac device. Simply pair your Mac to your TV and rock the house!

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Okay. Now that we have everything, let’s get the party kicking.

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