How to Run Android Applications on Windows Computer?

By Deepak Saxena February 8, 2017 Android, How To, Windows

If you have a Windows computer and iPhone and you are going to purchase an android just to enjoy android specific apps then you should stop (unless you’re rich). But do you know you can enjoy android apps on your Windows PC? Now you do not need to spend any extra money in purchasing a new tablet or other android device. By following some simple steps, you will be able to run android apps on your computer. Your computer will continue to work as normal and an android tablet will be added to it. So here is how you can get a virtual android tablet on your computer for free.

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1. First of all, you need to download and install Bluestacks which is free android emulator for Windows. An emulator works as a bridge between two operating systems and allows applications of one operating system to run on the other one. You can download Bluestacks from the following link.


2. After downloading install it as normal program.


3. Once you are done with download and installation you will see a new window in which you have to proceed further and set up your new virtual tablet.

4. Here you have to log in with your Google account and have to select your default language.


5. Complete the setup by entering details and then you will see the home screen of your virtual tablet.


6. You can launch to all apps by taping on apps button.

Here is what all you can do on this virtual tablet:

  1. You can go to play store and can get any application or game you want.
  2. If you use WhatsApp or any other such app it will sync your contacts from your Google account.
  3. In settings you will find options to change time date language etc. Only some basic settings are available in settings menu.
  4. On the left pane you will find quick buttons to shake, copy, Paste to rotate screen to mute the device etc.
  5. On the top there is a notification bar. You will also get notifications when you will get a ping on any of the apps. You can apply settings in such a way that you will get a notification even when you are working on PC and your virtual tablet is minimized.
  6. The upper strip: You will get the list of all the open apps on the upper strip. You can come back to the home screen by clicking on If you want to close a specific app then you can close it from the same upper strip by clicking X. Back button is also present on this strip you can use it come back on any app.


  1. To close the virtual tablet completely you can click on X given on the top right. It will ask you if you want to receive notifications from apps any further.


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So this is how you can enjoy android apps on your Windows PC only and that too without spending a single penny. If you have any other tech related issues you can call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710. We will be happy to help you.



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