How to Restore Mac OS X?

By Rimzhim Sharma February 23, 2017 How To, Mac

Apple’s Mac devices have always set an outstanding benchmark specially in terms of reliability and design. But in rare circumstances if you need to re-store the operating system then here is a quick guide mentioning various recovery options available.

Apple’s emergency repair system is technically called as OS X recovery. In the OS X Recovery mode, you just need to connect your device to a stable internet connection and download the OS X operating system online.

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Mac has several recovery options, but in order to perform a restore, we must have previously configured a Time Capsule backup. Otherwise, our options are limited to repairing the hard disk or formatting and reinstalling a fresh copy of OS X.

Both the methods are discussed in detail below:

Restoring with Time Machine Backup

1. Launch Time Machine.

2. Out of various disk options select the one whose back up you need to create and click on “Use Disk”.


3. Configure a Time Capsule backup. Connect an external hard drive to the Mac that is equal or greater in size to the Mac’s internal hard drive. If we have never set up a Time Capsule before, OS X will ask if we want to configure the newly connected drive as one.

4. Select Use as Backup


5. Wait for the backup to complete. We can also schedule automatic backups and specify specific files in the Options menu.

6. Restore a Time Machine backup. Reboot the Mac.

7. Hold down the Command key + R while the system boots up. This will open the OS X Recovery Tool. From here we can pick the recovery option.


8. Select Restore from Time Machine Backup to load the latest disk image from the external drive.

  • If we have multiple backups stored on the Time Capsule, we will be given a list to choose from. Pick one from before we started having issues with the computer.
  • Unlike System Restore in Windows, we can use a Time Capsule backup to retrieve files that were deleted in the past, as long as we have a backup from when the file existed.

Restoring without a Time Machine Backup

If we don’t have a Time Capsule backup, then the only way to restore OS X is by formatting and reinstalling. We can do this from the OS X Recovery Tool.

1. Press Command +R key while rebooting the Mac.

2. Select Reinstall Mac OS X.


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  • We will need to be connected to the internet in order to successfully reinstall the copy of Mac OS X without the disc.
  • Reinstalling the operating system will delete all of the saved data, programs, and settings.

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