How to Organize Photos by Faces on iPhone?

By Deepak Saxena February 7, 2017 How To, iOS

iOS 10 from Apple Inc. is loaded with number of amazing features. Apple has made it easier to organize and find photos with people name, places and objects in them all thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Do you know you can name people in your photo albums on your iPhone and their photos will automatically go to the album with their name? Not only this, but you can search for additional photos of people you have just named. So let us learn how we can smartly organize photos on our device with the name of people in them.

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1. Go to Photos from the home screen of your iPhone. You will see all your photos and videos here now tap on albums given in the bottom.


2. In the album you will find people and places with a little 2×2 grid of recognized faces


  1. To add a name, go to people and then tap on a person you want to name. If the person you want to name is not in this window tap on “Add People” and you will see some more people on your iPhone.


4. When you will tap on a particular person’s photo you will get an option to write name on the top of the window.


Tap here and give a name. When you will start typing a name phonebook will be open to make it fast you can select the name from the phonebook instead of typing. However, contact saved will remain the same no photo will be changed or added to it. May be in its next updates apple will release integration of photos with contacts but as of now it is just to make the process of adding names faster.


5. A name will be added to the photos of selected person. If you want to move more photos from the same person under his name you can tap on “Confirm additional photos” Next you will see some more photos similar to the person you have added a name. If it is the same person you can tap on Yes Otherwise


6. The app is intelligent enough to detect the face but then too sometimes you may find same person as two different people it happens because in some pictures same person is beard and shaved in others. Sometimes wearing a hat in some pictures. Whatever the case is you can also merge two people together.

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To merge two different people, you should tap on the unnamed bunch of photos for the same person when you will go to add a name you will be able to select the same name you have given earlier. Tap on the same name and tap on Merge that’s it. Photos will be merged together.


So this will help you search photos quickly with a person’s name and thus saves your time. If you have any other such tech related issues or if you are looking for the solution of any other technical problem, you can call us on our toll free number which is. (855) 765-6710.



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