How to Magnify Your iPhone Screen Anytime with Three Finger Tap?

By Deepak Saxena February 5, 2017 How To, iOS

iPhones allow you to do almost everything you can do on your computer. The devices fits in your palm and is almost like a computer in your pocket. Sure a computer’s larger screen makes it more comfortable for users. But do you know that you can magnify any screen on your iPhone. To read a document with small fonts, to work on an app having very small font size all you need to do is to double tap on your mobile screen with three figures and the screen will be magnified. Surprised? Then let’s find out how you can enable this amazing feature for your iPhone.

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1. Go to settings from your iPhone home screen.


2. Next navigate to General and then accessibility.


3. In Accessibility you will find Zoom by default it will be turned off you need to tap it to turn it on.


4. As soon as you will turn zoom on you will find that a magnifying box has appeared on your screen.


You can move the magnifier by holding and dragging small button in the bottom om magnifier window of you will simply tap on this button this will show you the options which includes to zoom out and to adjust the zoom.


5. As you can see in above picture you can choose from following options.

  • Full Screen Zoom: To zoom your entire screen.
  • Resize Lense: To change the size of lens that is magnifying window.
  • Choose filters: This allows you to choose a color filter for selected area.


  • Show controller: If you will tap on this option you will see a joystick kind of controller on your screen which will help you to move magnifier on the screen.

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You can use this magnifier anywhere on your phone. Once you have enabled the zoom option you can double tap with 3 figures on any screen you want to zoom in. You can even zoom the lock screen so from now if you have lock screen notifications and you are finding it difficult to view them you can simply double tap to zoom.

Not only inside your iPhone you can also magnify anything from the outer world and can use your iPhone as a magnifier. You will now no more face an issue in reading small text your iPhone can work as a magnifier. To convert your iPhone to a magnifier you simply need to apply some more settings and here are they.

Go to settings>General>Accessibility


Turn on Magnifier from accessibility options.


It’s done from now when you require to zoom you can just press the home button three times continuously and magnifier will turn on. You can zoom in and zoom out accordingly and this feature also works on the lock screen.

By using these hidden features, you can make your iPhone more user friendly. If you have any other tech related issue or if you face any issue in applying these settings, you can give us a call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.




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