How to Create Voice Memos on Your iPhone?

By Rimzhim Sharma February 25, 2017 How To, iOS

Adding personal touch to your greetings is one great gesture to please your near and dear ones. Voice messages can be super helpful in some cases, suppose you want to take notes, record speeches, lectures, or presentations, or simply for winning the heart of you beloved after a heated argument.

Taking voice notes is quiet simple! Did you know our iPhone could act as a full time voice recorder? Yes, iOS offers an inbuilt application knows as Voice Memos” found in a folder on your home screen named “Extras”.

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Here is how you can record voice messages from your iPhone in a snap:

1. Go to your iPhone’s home screen and look for “Voice memos” in the “Extras” icon.


2. As soon as you’ll open the app you will see one big red record button which is capable of recording whatever you want to preserve.


3. While you’re recording, the header at the top of the screen will start moving further indicating that the recording process has been initialized. Once you’re done, you can tap the red square stop button.


4. Simple isn’t? Not just this, there are few other options too. There is one blue square symbol on the right corner side of the screen. This is the “Edit” button used to Delete or Trim your new recording.

img4_2502_1-min5. Once your recording is finished, you can tap “Done” and save your new voice memo, giving it an appropriate name.


6. All your saved recordings will be listed below the app’s main interface. In this way you can easily play back any recordings with a simple tap.


7. When you play back a voice memo, you can share it, edit, or trash it. You can also share your voice memos by tapping the Share button on the left.


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Hope this helps! Voice memos are a great way of remembering things. In case you face any trouble then feel free to contact us on our toll free number 855-765-6710 (US, Canada) to seek instant tech assistance.



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