How to Create Labels in Gmail and Automatically Move Messages from Different Senders to Their Labels?

By Deepak Saxena February 2, 2017 How To, Tech Tips

Gmail inbox is one of the most popular email clients across the globe and we are often bombarded with mails on a daily basis. Spammers run marketing campaigns time to time and send bulk emails to millions of people at a time. But sometimes it really gets difficult to search an important message from a crowded inbox. If you get critically important emails from some specific senders, then it is always a good idea to create specific folders with their name so that you can find your important emails on a single place. Web app of Gmail also allows you to create labels for different senders as we do in the outlook desktop app. Here is how you can organize your Gmail inbox in a better way.

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1. Sign in to your Gmail inbox.


2. Go to inbox and click on settings icon given on the top right of the window.


3. You will find “Filters and Blocked addresses” under this section click on Create new filter.


4. Next you will get a pop up like this where you can fill the details according to which new incoming messages will be filtered.


As you can see here you can enter following details.

  • From: you can filter messages from specific senders by mention their email address here.
  • To: If you are always being in CC or BCC while someone is sending message to specific receiver then here you can mention email address to which such emails are send. A filter will be applied accordingly.
  • Subject: This is to filter emails with a specific subject.
  • Has the words/ Doesn’t have: You can use these options to filter emails with specific words or phrases.

One or more field from the above can be left blank.

5. When you are done with mentioning values Create filter with this search will be highlighted click on it to proceed further.

6. In the next window you can choose an action. To move messages from a specific sender under the label click the check box “Apply the label”. If you already have a label created for the sender you can select it now from the dropdown else, you can click on “New label”.


Note: If you want your existing messages to be moved to the created label you should click on the check box “Also apply filter to X matching conversations” and then click on create filter


7. Mention the label name and if you want to create this label to be under a specific folder then here you can choose the folder or left it blank if you want the label to be separate.


8. Click on create button and you will see a warning message that a label has been created.

9. You will find this label with all the other folders on your Gmail home screen.


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So from now you need not to dive deep in your inbox to search an important email. You can organize your emails in a better way and thus can respond to every important email. If you are looking for a solution for any other such tech related issue you can give us a call on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.




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