How to Convert Your Unused Smartphone to Security Camera?

By Deepak Saxena February 9, 2017 Android, How To, Tech Tips

The changing technology also means that a lot of things we use will face the danger of getting obsolete. Therefore, it is certain that several of us might have unused smartphones as they’ve been replaced by the latest models.  We usually exchange these phones to get discount. But most times exchange values are not so satisfactory, so these devices just end up lying around at our home.

Do you know these smartphones can be used as security cameras? To convert your unused smart phone to a security camera you will require a working internet connection; either Wi-Fi or mobile data working camera on your smartphone and an AC charging adapter. So even if some of the functions on your smartphone are not working then too you can use it as a security camera. Here are the steps to set up your unused smart phone as security camera.

  1. Download an app which provide a security cam interface for the device.

a. For Android devices: IP webcam is the best application to use your android device as a security camera. You can download the app from google play store for free

The application is having very user-friendly interface and having many other amazing functions such as motion detection, date time battery level indication etc.


b. For IOS devices: Converting IOS device to security cam is a little lengthy process first you need to install an app and then need to sign up then you can watch your web cam from anywhere by signing in on the website of app. You can find the app with the name of Manything it is a free app and you can download it from here:


  1. Once you are done with the installation of related applications you can proceed further to choose a spot or position for the camera. It is recommended that you should use rear camera for surveillance purpose because it is having comparatively high resolution. Just check and identify a sport where you want to place your phone as security camera you can also watch live recording for this purpose. You should also check power point availability near the place you are trying to place your smartphone as security camera.
  2. After identifying a spot, you can fix your smartphone with the help of mobile stand or with a car If you do not want anyone to see that your device is working as security camera, then you can cover the screen or you can place your phone in the box. After final set up you can check the angles and mount.

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Your security camera system is good to go now. You can log in to the website mentioned on the application home page and keep an eye on your home, store, kids or anywhere you want. So now you do not need to spend money to set up security cameras you can do it and it is comparatively wireless.

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