How to Clear Location History on iPhone?

By Deepak Saxena February 10, 2017 How To, iOS

GPS navigation has made our life easier by guiding us regarding city routes and is the fastest way by checking traffic conditions near specific location. This has become even more practical and widespread in use after its launch on the mobile platform. People can simply share their location with friends on the map, and others can easily reach them.

But do you know that wherever you go is also being tracked and saved on the location history of your iPhone. This feature is useful for you if you want to keep check on the location history of your children but you should also keep clearing location history of your phone. So that this information cannot be used by any cybercriminal or hacker. In this article we will tell you how can you view and clear location history saved on the iPhone.

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To access location history, you need to go to the depth of setting and here is how you can find the location history:

1. Go to settings from the home screen.


2. Next go to privacy


3. In privacy you will find location services which will be turned on if it is not turned on Location history will not be saved.


4. Tap on location services and at the bottom you will find system services.


5. Tap on system services to proceed further. You will find frequent locations.


6. In frequent locations you will be able to find your frequently visited locations with date and time.


7. You can tap on a location to view it on the Map.


8. You can also clear location history by clicking on Clear history shown in step#6.

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So this is how you can keep track on the location and can clear location history. If you don’t want your iPhone to keep track of your locations, you can set Frequent locations turned off in system services (Step #5).

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