How to Back Up Text Messages from Android Phone to Gmail?

By Deepak Saxena February 11, 2017 Android, How To

It is not common for people to accidentally lose their text messages. Thankfully, there are many ways to backup our text messages. But most methods include retrieving the lost data from backup files but that also require additional storage space. But for your android device there is a smart solution back up all your text messages. You can also view any message form your backup sets anytime and anywhere using Gmail all you need to do is to install an application on your android device and just go through some settings on Gmail.

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1. First of all, download and install SMS back up plus application on your android phone from here.

2. On the other side log in to the Gmail account on which you want to take backup of your text messages and go to settings.


3. In forwarding POP/IMAP settings enable IMAP because the application you are installing will require IMAP enabled.


4. Open the application you have just installed on your android phone. Tap on connect (the first option). it will ask for an email address enter your Gmail id here.


5. After setting up an email address with the application if you want your messages to be backed up automatically tap on “Auto Backup” when you will enter your email account for the first time application will ask if you want to back up all the messages currently present on your device or you want to start it from the messages you will receive from now.


6. Next you can set auto backup schedule. When you will tap Auto backup settings you can also set if you want to back up your messages over Wi-Fi or mobile data.


7. Once you are done with these settings log in to your Gmail account. As soon as first back up is created you will find a new label “SMS” on the left pane. Here you can find your messages which are backed up from your android phone. You can read them from here and can also delete them as you do it for your emails.

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So now you can back up you messages and can delete them in bulk which will help you to make more space and your text messages will be safe on Gmail at the same time.

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