How to Add Custom Text Replacements on Microsoft Outlook?

By Deepak Saxena February 4, 2017 How To

Microsoft outlook is a highly used email software for personal and professional use. It is loaded with features such as automatic spell correction and text replacement, to name a few.

You have seen many emails with several short forms like PFA (please find attached) and FYI (For your information). We use many other such shortcuts but actually we do not need to use them. If you are habitual to such shortcuts you can replace them with the full form of the text. Not even this if in your emails you are required to use the name of a company or a person very frequently you can also create a shortcut and you will see the full form whenever you will type the shortcut. So let us find out how can we make our emails look better and more professional.

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1. Open Microsoft outlook on the desktop and go to File>Options


2. A new window will be open when you will click on In this window click on Mail tab.


3. Next click on spelling and autocorrect. New window will be open on which you can specify how outlook corrects and formats the content.


4. Now click on autocorrect options and you will find text replacement and auto correction window. Here you can type what text you want to replace with what.


5. Click Add and then OK text replacement will be saved on your computer. Click Ok on all the opened windows on your computer.

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So it’s done. Now whenever you type a particular short form, it will automatically be corrected to its full form. The best part is this replacement will not only work on Outlook but on all the applications of Microsoft word. In the replacement Window you can also add shortcut to a smiley. Anytime if you feel that you should delete a particular text replacement then you can go to the same autocorrect window (Given in step 4) select any saved text replacement and click Delete.

This is how you can keep using your short forms as usual and MS Office will smartly replace them. If you have any other such tech related query or you are looking for a solution of tech related issue you can call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.




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