How to Access The Hidden Folders of Your Mac?

By Rimzhim Sharma February 26, 2017 How To, Mac

Apple OS often hides sensitive files and folders so they are not accidently deleted by novice users. However, for some professionals and especially users that use music applications, accessing the hidden library folder becomes quite important.

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Use one of the following methods to make the user library content visible. Here are the quick steps:

1. Open Finder, or just click on the desktop. Then click “Go” in the menu bar, and select “Go to Folder”.


2. Type “~/Library” in the box and hit Enter.


3. As soon as you hit enter, you will see the Library folder.


Alternatively, you can also perform the following steps to access the library folder:

1. Go to the Finder (or desktop).

2. Hold the Option key on your keyboard, and click on the “Go” menu at the top of the screen.

3. With the Go menu open, you’ll notice that pressing and releasing Option will display or hide the Library choice in this menu.

4. Select Library from the Go menu (while holding down Option) to access the hidden folder.

That’s it! The hidden Library folder in will now be always and easily accessible from within Favorites in Finder.

How to Unhide the Mac Hidden Folder Permanently?

You can also unhide the hidden folder if you don’t want to open “Go to Folder” every time you want to access the Library. In this way the library folder will always stay unhidden.

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To do this you need to:

1. Open Finder, and head to your Home folder by clicking the name of your username in the sidebar, or by pressing Command + Shift + H on your keyboard.


2. Now, click on “View” menu bar followed by “Show View Options.”



3. The View Options window will pop up.

4. Check on the “Show Library Folder” option.


5. Close the window, and the Library folder will be revealed.


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