How to Customize Mouse Settings on Windows?

By Deepak Saxena February 6, 2017 How To, Windows

Mouse on our computer is an input device that helps us perform many tasks with ease. It is a perfect tool for quick navigation. We’ve all become so much use to it that most of us would be unable to work a computer without it. At any point of time you realize that your mouse is not working properly, you can access mouse settings to check the speed and sensitivity for the mouse. By adjusting some settings your mouse can work as smoothly as a new one. Here is how you can change your mouse settings in Windows and can set its speed accordingly.

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1. Open control panel. You can find control panel in start menu alternatively you can press windows +R key on the key board and hit enter after typing control panel in the run dialog box.


2. From the control panel home window go to Mouse listed under devices and printers.


3. You will see mouse properties window it will look like this.


Here you can change some major settings of your mouse:

  • Buttons: Here you can interchange right and left click button functions or right click will be assigned to left click and left click to the right click.

Double click speed can also be adjusted from here it is for time interval between two clicks when you double click.

  • Pointers: This tab allows you to choose a mouse pointer from different pointers. You can use a pen instead of an arrow or can browse for more pointers.
  • Pointer Options: This is where you can change speed of your courser you can preview the changed speed as soon as you adjust it in the settings.

Sometimes we find it difficult to find where exactly the cursor is moving. To resolve this there are visibility settings in pointer options. You can enable “Display Pointer tails” this will show a tail like structure with your cursor whenever you will move it. Next is “Show location of the pointer when I press CTRL key.” If you will enable this option, you will find a red circle around your cursor whenever you will press CTRL key. This option is very useful when you are recording the screen for trouble shooting or reporting an issue.


So if you feel that your mouse is working really slow you can speed it up from here and if it is too fast to control then you can slow it down too.

  • Wheel: On the wheel tab given in the mouse settings you will be able to set for how many lines it will scroll by default it is 3


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  • Hardware: Next tab is hardware where you can check for driver updates and other device settings. If you want to find out the device name for your mouse you will find it here. If your mouse is not working properly you can give it a try by upgrading hardware.

So from now if your mouse is not working properly you should check above settings before going for a new mouse. If you have any other tech related issues you can call us on our toll free number which is (855) 765-6710.




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