All about the Network and Internet Settings on Windows 10

By Rimzhim Sharma February 22, 2017 Windows

In this post, we will learn about all the features and specs of Network and Internet Settings in Windows 10 in detail.

Here are the quick simple steps mentioned below, referred along with snapshots:

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1. Getting to the Settings option is much easier in Windows 10, just open the Start Menu and click on Settings to open the Settings app. Then Click on Network and Internet.


2. The tab has many different sections like:

  • Wi-Fi which shows the available networks.
  • Airplane Mode to enable the airplane mode and check wireless devices connected to your PC.
  • Data usage where We can check the data used in last 30 days.
  • VPN and Dial-up settings, Ethernet and Proxy.


3. Click on Advanced Options and we will get to make our PC discoverable by other PCs around. Under advanced options we can also select the option of setting a Metered Connection which gives us more control over the data usage. Turning it ON makes the apps work differently so that they use less data. This is especially helpful for users having limited data plan.


4. Manage Wi-Fi Settings: This tab allows us to adjust the Wi-Fi Sense settings in Windows 10. Wi-Fi Sense is a feature in Windows 10 that allows us to connect to our friends shared Wi-Fi connections. That is, we and our friends often opt to share our or their Wi-Fi connections.

5. Data Usage: This section allows us to check the data used in last 30 days for both Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet.


Clicking on Usage details gives us a detailed information of data used by various apps on our PC.


6. VPN: We can add a VPN Connection here in this section. For that we should have our VPN provider, Connection name and Server address details ready. The Related Settings section takes us to the old classic control panel where we can change the adapter settings, advanced sharing options, and Network and sharing center.


Clicking on Internet Options takes us to the Internet Properties of our PC where we can adjust the settings like security, privacy, add-on and much more. Windows Firewall takes us to the System and Security section in Control Panel.


7. Dial-up and Ethernet: We can add a new dial-up connection or manage the existing ones here, Ethernet settings can be adjusted in the Ethernet section.


8. Proxy: Unlike the older versions of Windows, here we can set our PC to detect the Proxy Settings automatically. However, we can also adjust the settings manually by entering the IP address and the Proxy Port.

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