5 Unknown Facts About Windows 7 Calculator

By Deepak Saxena February 14, 2017 Windows

The latest Windows updates have certainly sparked new life in several windows tools. Some of these updates share more limelight as those features are more popular with users. We’ve all used the trusty Windows calculator since ages, and the latest updates have also put a special twist on it to make it even better. Let us explore 5 features of Windows 7 calculator which usually people do not know.

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1. Basic calculator: When you open the calculator we will find a basic calculator but with this it is having a copy paste option. If you have to keep a value in mind you can simply go to edit and select copy and when you require the value, you can simply paste the value going to calculator.


2. Scientific calculator: If you want to make some complicated calculations including trigonometry, log etc. you can use scientific calculator. To use scientific calculator, go to view and select Scientific calculator.

Scientific calculator

3. Programmer calculator: This is for programmers who have to make complicated calculations using binary decimals hexa decimals. It can be accessed the same way you can access the scientific calculator.

Programmer Calculator

4. Statics Calculator: If you have to calculate mean mode median very often then static calculator may help you a lot you will find shortcuts for calculating stats.

Statics Calculator

5. Date calculator and unit conversion: Date calculator is another feature you may not know about the inbuilt calculator on Windows 7. We often need to calculate a date after a certain number of days or we usually calculate number of days between two dates. Windows calculator do both the things perfectly. Just go to view and select date calculator.

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Date calculator and unit conversion

Unit Conversion

Similarly, if you want to convert a value between two units you can use unit converter. It can convert unit of most of the things we require in our daily life such as area, length, temperature, time, velocity etc.

So we can say Windows 7 inbuilt calculator is one stop solution for all your calculation problems. To explore more hidden features of devices around us you can keep reading our blog posts and if you have any other tech related issue you can call us on our toll free number (855) 765-6710.



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