What is Private Browsing and Why Should We Use It?

By Deepak Saxena January 25, 2017 Browsers, Tech Tips

We browse lots of things over the internet and while you think of it as a private affair, people can still track your activities. Do you know that whenever you are browsing over the internet your search and browsing history gets tracked? This is where private browsing comes into the picture. With private browsing you can search, surf and browse over the internet without getting your cookies or history being saved. This way, you do not leave traces of your browsing details.  In this article you will get to know that how can you enable private browsing on some most popular web browsers.

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  1. Google Chrome: Most commonly we use google chrome as our default web browser so let us check how can you enable private browsing on the google chrome.

Open google chrome browser and click on the three dots or three horizontal lines given on the top right. You will find new incognito window the third option from the top when you will click on in a new window of google chrome browser will open a new window where you can have private browsing.



  1. For internet explorer: To enable private browsing in internet tap the gear icon on the top right corner, then Safety => InPrivate Browsing.


Internet explorer will also open a new window for private browsing with an indicator saying in private is turned on


  1. For safari web browser: Safari which is a preloaded default web browser in Apple devices also supports private browsing. To enable private browsing in safari. Click on Safari the first option on safari browser and click on private browsing.


  1. In Firefox browser: If your default browser is Mozilla Firefox then this is how you can enable private browsing.

On the top right corner, you will see three horizontal lines click on them and next click on the second option new private window (Domino Mask). You will get a new private browsing window of Firefox.

This is how you can enjoy private browsing on all your web browsers.

Here are some other reasons for using private browsing.

  • You want to keep your shopping history a secret to yourself.
  • You are browsing on a public computer
  • You want to keep safe while making an online payment.
  • You are filling your personal information on an online form.
  • You want to see the search results not based on your searches or browsing behavior.

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So private browsing doesn’t mean to browse on a private place. Now you can have private browsing everywhere you want.

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