Sleep-Wake Button not Working for Your Smartphone? Here is How You can still Use it.

By Deepak Saxena January 19, 2017 Android, iOS

Wake up button is one of the most important components in any smartphone or tablet. It is used to wake the device up, when it needs to be used by you. But what if someday you press the wake up button only to find it not responding? Certainly you will be stuck and won’t be able to make access your phone. After going through this article this situation will no longer be a nightmare for you.  Here’s how you can still use your smartphone if sleep and wake button is not working.

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Before getting device or platform specific here are some common tricks by which you can instantly turn on your phones screen.

  • Connecting your phone to power will immediately turn on the screen.
  • Connect your OEM headphones and press call accept buttons on headphone turns the screen on in most of the smartphones.

For Android devices:

If you have an android device and it is having only 3 hard buttons one is for sleep wake and other two are for volume up and down, then once you can turn on screen by connecting charger and then try one of these applications.

  1. Power Button to Volume Button: As it is clear by name itself this application allows you to use your volume buttons as power buttons. Once you have this application installed on your android phone whenever you will press volume button screen will turn on and on the notification bar you will find an option to turn off screen. Here is the download link for application


  1. Proximity Actions: This is another app which helps you to use your phone without touching sleep wake button. Once you have downloaded the app to your android phone you can set your gestures to the proximity sensor to turn screen on and off. Proximity sensor is located near your phone’s earpiece, by default it turns off the screen when you take your phone to your ear to take a call. You can download the app from here.


  1. Shake Screen On Off: In comparison of the apps using proximity sensor this will take comparatively a less amount of battery. By using this app, you will be able to turn on or turn off your phone screen with a nice shake. You can get the app from here


For windows phone:

On a windows phone you need not have any third party app to do this because they are having this feature in-built. In two simple steps you can set your screen to turn on or turn off without a sleep wake button.

  1. Go to Setting>touch>enable “double tap to wake up” Your phone screen will turn on with double tap.
  2. Next Make PowerOff/Lock Tile with SystemTiles or PowerTiles applications to Off your Screen (Or change screen timeOut to 30Sec)


For an iPhone:

If you use an iPhone, then there are already two buttons that you can use to wake up the screen. First is the home button and the other one is the power button. So wakeup button is not working you can turn on the screen by pressing home button. To lock the screen, you can use assistive touch and here is how you can use lock screen on assistive touch.

  1. Go to settings>General>Accessibility>Turn on assistive touch.
  2. Next you will see a button on your screen.
  3. After taping the button go to device and then Lock screen


There is one more way to turn on screen on your iPhone you can enable raise to wake option in display settings. After enabling this option your phone screen with turn on whenever you will pick it up from the table. Kindly note this option is available for iPhone 6S and above.

So we home you won’t panic the next time you find Sleep/wake button not working on your smartphone. If you have any other tech related issue, we will be happy to provide you the solution. You can call us on our toll free number (855) 765-6710 or can write us on.




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