How Your iPhone can Remind You on Reaching a Location?

By Deepak Saxena January 29, 2017 How To, iOS

Smartphones have certainly expanded the utility of a phone beyond its intended purpose. Be it playing music, games or watching movies, everything can be easily done through a smartphone. It is common for people to use GPS to reach a particular location. Surprisingly, the same can be also done with your smartphone without paying a single extra penny.

Today in this article we are going to discuss how your iPhone can remind you to do certain things when you reach to a particular location.

It often happens with most of us that when we go to the market we miss out to get a few things to avoid this we often carry a list. But from now you need not to do this either you have to pick up your kids from school or have to drop a package on the way to home from work place your iPhone will remind you when you will reach on a particular location. Let us learn to set a location based reminders on an iPhone.

1. From the home screen go to reminders. If you have a bunch of applications installed on your iPhone, you can search for reminders by typing reminders in spot light search.


2. You will see home screen of reminders. Now tap + to add a reminder.


3. After setting a reminder turn on the button given to the next of “Remind me at a location”


4. Next you can tap on location to set the location on which you want to get a reminder. In the next window enter location to get a reminder.


5. To set location based reminders there are two options.

  • When I Arrive: This option will trigger your reminder whenever you will reach in the circumference of the selected area. It is very useful if you are travelling on a bus or a train want to get a reminder when you reach your destination.
  • When I Leave: This will remind you when you will get out of a particular area. For example, you have call your friend when you are leaving from the office this option will help.
  1. Tap on Details to proceed further. You will be back on the previous screen

but this time you will see location or Arrive/Leave whichever is chosen by you.


  1. Next tap on Done your reminder is set now. You will be reminded on leaving or Arriving a particular location accordingly.

So from now you will never miss your bus stop never forget to get the stuff or drop the stuff. This is how location based reminders make your life simpler.

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