How to Use Face Detection to Unlock Android Device?

By Deepak Saxena January 28, 2017 Android, How To

We usually lock our android devices with passcode or a pattern. But when we enter the passcode any bystanders could easily know what it is. Keeping this in mind, some smartphones allows you to unlock with the finger print, but that isn’t the case with most phones.

There is one more way to secure your device which is unlocking it by using face detection. Your device will reorganize your face and will be unlocked when you will look at it.

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This is how you can set a face detection unlock your android device. Some android devices are having this feature inbuilt to unlock the device using face detection and for the others you may need an external application.

For the devices having inbuilt feature to unlock using face detection:

1. Go to settings and then security


2. Next tap on screen lock. Here you will find many options to lock your screen.

  • None – for no locking at all
  • Slide- for the typical slide to unlock
  • Face Unlock – to set the Face Unlock feature
  • Pattern – to set a Pattern unlock
  • PIN – to set a standard four-digit PIN unlock
  • Password – to set a more secure password to unlock

Choose face unlock from above. Now you phone will turn on your front camera to save a face to unlock. You need to place your phone parallel to your eyes to capture a better unlocking image.


3. Once your image is captured you have to enter a pattern or a password. You can unlock your phone using face detection but still you need to enter password or a pattern because if someday for front camera stop working or if you want someone to unlock your phone then in can be done.

4. Once you have entered and confirmed your pattern/pin face unlock will be set on your phone.


5. Next time when you will slide your phone’s screen to unlock it will turn on front camera and you can unlock the device by holding it to the same angle you held it while capturing image for face lock.


Your smartphone will be unlocked once it will identify your face. Alternatively, to unlock with Pin/ Pattern you can tap on lock icon and next you will be able to enter a pin to unlock the device.

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For the devices not having inbuilt feature to set face detection lock:  

In this scenario you can download a third party app from the app store to set face lock.  You will find a variety of applications on google play store to set face detection lock. Some of them also have a feature to set face lock for individual applications. All such applications work in a same way first you have to set a face to unlock and then a pattern or a pin.

So from now you need not to worry that someone will see your pattern or passcode. Now only you can unlock your device.

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