How to Use and Disable Burst Mode in Your iPhone Camera?

By Deepak Saxena January 9, 2017 How To, iOS

Burst mode setting in your iPhone camera is capable to capturing a subject that is in motion. It also allows you to take multiple shots of a single subject, which you can later sort and choose the best clicks from the lot.

But first, let us understand what is burst mode. It is a high speed shooting mode in your camera in which several pictures are captured in very short time interval. Here are how burst mode pictures look like together.

Here are some Tips and Tricks to Take Stunning HDR Photos from Your iPhone!


Here is how you can use burst mode on your iPhone camera:

1. To take a burst shot go to camera app and make sure that HDR and flash is on Auto mode.

2. To click burst short press and hold click (Shutter button). As long as you will press shutter button you will notice that number of images will keep increasing that means your phone is continuously clicking images.


3. Next you can select the best short by clicking on the picture taken. It will show you total number of pictures and at the bottom will give you an option to select best shorts.


4. You can also select multiple shorts as best shorts. Next it will ask you to save your best short and delete the rest or to keep all the shorts.


If you will keep only selected photos it will delete the rest in burst short and selected photo will be found under camera album in the gallery.

If you set a timer to click a photo your phone will automatically take a burst short of 10 photos to avoid blink or any other corrections in images. If you want to disable burst mode which is automatic with timer, then there is no setting to turn it off but here a trick which can work.

How to disable burst mode in self timer

While taking photographs with self-timer keep HDR or flash on always on Mode instead of automatic. This trick works perfect with both front and rear cameras. By using this trick you will get a single short instead of a bunch of 10 burst shorts.

Here are some amazing pictures taken using Burst mode they are selected as best short from the bunch of burst.




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