How to Sync Reminders Between Smartphone and Windows 10 PC?

By Deepak Saxena January 16, 2017 How To

While working on our laptop or computer we often tend to use our smartphone or other portable devices. Sometimes this becomes a major problem as you are forced to multitask between two devices. Thankfully, you can now sync the reminders and notifications between your phone and Windows 10 computer so you can do all work from a single system.

This can be easily done with the help of Cortana, the personal assistant in windows 10. If you are having a windows smartphone, then this app will be preinstalled on your phone and reminders will be synced automatically. If you are having an android device or an iPhone, then proceed further to the given steps.

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1. For iOS devices you can download the app from the app store here. Download now.


For android devices you can download app from play store. Click here to install.


2. Once you have downloaded this app launch and sign in with your Microsoft account.

3. Next you will get a pop up on your screen that Cortana wants to send you push notifications and want to use your location, microphone etc.


4. Cortana brings your smartphone an another voice assistant. You can set a reminder on any one of your computer and the smart phone by taping Microphone or by setting it up on computer.

5. Whenever the reminder will trigger you will see a notification on both the devices.

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For instance, you have set a reminder to purchase milk this reminder will be visible on both the devices.


So now you will never forget to do anything important no matter you are on phone or working on your laptop/ desktop.

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