How to Set Up a New Android Phone?

By Deepak Saxena January 5, 2017 Android, How To

Setting up a smartphone is a lengthy process, but once you are done with it becomes very convenient to use it. Every smartphone has a different user interface depending on its make and model. In spite of differences in user interface some procedures for all the smartphones are almost same due to the same operating system. In this article we will discuss how can you personalize or set up your android device after unboxing.

1. As you turn on your new android device you will see a welcome screen from where you must select your preferred language.


2. Next you need to insert your SIM card and to enter your PIN Here it will only ask for a PIN if you have set it for your SIM.


3. Now you need to select a Wi-Fi connection or you can turn on mobile data before proceeding further for next step.


4. In the next step you can transfer your data from your old device. You can use NFC or Bluetooth for this purpose. If you do not want to transfer anything simply tap on no thanks/ set up as new device and proceed further.


5. Proceeding further you need to login to Google account this will be used to access play store and Gmail. Your smartphone will sync your contacts and events from your Google account.


6. Next is protecting your phone. You can set up a passcode or a pattern for your phone to get it unlocked. It will ask for the PIN every time it will be turned on.


7. Some smartphones come with pre-installed cloud services such as drobox, google drive etc. that you must also setup. You simply need to enter your email address and set a password for most services. You can also skip this step and set them later.


8. Installing updates and latest software- When android is turned on for the first time it may not be running on the latest version. Therefore, it is always recommended to update the phone’s software before proceeding. You can do this later as well by going to settings>about>software updates.


9. Now your android device is ready to use all you need to do is to personalize it if you want. You can change wallpaper screen saver lock screen wallpaper according to your taste. You can turn on/off automatic brightness auto rotation. If it is a dual sim phone you can set your default SIM now.

Now you are good to go with your new android phone after spending long time with your android device you may need to know that how can you clear junk files and how can you make more space in your device you can find it here .

Here is the solutions if you forgot the password of your Android device.

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