How to Set Password for Microsoft Outlook?

By Deepak Saxena January 23, 2017 How To

Microsoft outlook is an amazing platform to manage your email account, be it your personal or your company email account. But if you have configured your email account and have checked remember password, your emails be accessible by anyone using your computer. Do not worry here is the remedy you can set an individual password for the outlook that will prevent any friends of family members from accessing your email. Here are some simple steps you can follow them to set a password for your outlook email.

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  1. Go to file>Account settings>Account settings


  1. Next you will see a screen like this and you have to click on Data Files tab


  1. Select data file listed and click on settings and choose change password.

Please Note: The Change Password button doesn’t appear if you’re using an Exchange account. Your network password is used to access your Exchange account and information.

  1. Now you will see a dialog box like this.


Old password will remain blank as you are setting a password for first time. Enter new password and verify password. Click Ok.

  1. You can use any password which is 15 characters long but it is recommended to create a strong password with one capital and one special character.
  2. Do not check “Save this password in password list” if you do not want others to access your outlook email if they are logged into computer with your user account.

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That is all close your Microsoft outlook and from the next time whenever you will open it you need to enter a password.

If you have multiple email accounts configured on your outlook you have to set different passwords for different .pst files. So now you need not to worry if your friend or family members want to use your computer. If you are having any other such tech related issue, then we will be happy to provide you the resolution. You can call us on our toll free number (855) 765-6710.



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