How to Rotate A Video On Your Mac?

By Deepak Saxena January 13, 2017 How To, Mac

Have you accidentally made a vertical video while shooting with your phone camera? While this wouldn’t be a problem with mobile devices, but when put on a Mac or computer, the video would appear like this.


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This is really an annoying situation because you have captured the best moments and it is not playing it the way you want. The good news is, you can rotate the video by following some simple steps on your Mac.

  1. You may have many video players on your Mac but this time you need to open this video with quick time player. Quick time player supports most of the video formats made by phones or cameras.
  2. After you have opened the video on your Mac using QuickTime player go to edit
  3. In edit menu you will find an option to rotate right or left which you can choose accordingly.


  1. If you have rotated video to the correct angle, then your video will look perfect now.


  1. Next you need to save this video and for this you can go to file menu on quick time player then You will see a screen like this and can save the video to desired location. You can also replace the existing videos to make the corrections to it.

Next time when you will play the saved video it will be automatically corrected.

If rotation options are greyed out: In some videos you will find that rotation options are grayed out that means you cannot click on them to rotate. This happens when you are trying to rotate a video which is already imported to photos (the default photo manager in macOS).


This is another annoying situation but still you need not to worry there is a simple workaround for this situation as well.

  1. Drag the video from photos to your desktop or to any other folder in the finder.
  2. Once the video is dragged open the video with quick time player and now you will be able to rotate it.

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